Episode 3 – Kevin Yulo

Our first interview!

In this episode, Cazes and Dave interview their first ever guest, Kevin Yulo. Kevin is an avid Pokemon Go master and is in his 6th year as a JET. In this episode Cazes and Kevin talk about Anime, Pokemon and things that David just doesn’t quite get! 

In the first section Cazes talks a little about Japanese jokes. Here is the joke mentioned:

アルミ缶の上にあるみかん (arumi kan no ue ni aru mikan)


A tangerine on an aluminum can.
アルミ (arumi) means “aluminum”, 缶 (kan) means “a can”, so arumi kan means “an aluminum can”. Also ある (aru) means “exists” and みかん (mikan) means “a tangerine (mandarin orange)”.

However, if your style of joking is not grooving to the Japanese tunes, just know that there are a plethora of terrible Pokemon jokes out there as well.

Some other points we think it’s important to note is that Kevin is an insane Pokemon GO-er…Pokemon Go person…Pokemon GO-man? Anyways, he has traveled all over the place to rank up his character in the game. Here is a screen shot of his character and some quite remarkable stats. 

We also touched on an Anime called Kimetsu No Yaiba or Demon Slayer (in English), now some of you might know what this is all about, so we have included a little snippet of the show down below that may help you grasp some of the things we breezed over. If you have any inkling to watch an anime in upcoming winter holiday, perhaps this would be a good one for you to watch!

Or perhaps if there is too much realistic blood in it for you, perhaps try out a more cute spin on blood via Hataraku Saibo or Cells at work.

Outside of the anime/kitsch side of things, Kevin mentioned an after JET program, if you are a JET or someone who wants to know a little more about this, we recommend taking a look at this -> https://job-haku.com/afterjet/en/ 

We felt it my be something that people were interested in perusing.

Intro / outro music by the wonderful Bear / Rabbit Duo from Hakodate, Hokkaido:

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